What keeps this CIO (of a 2.8B+ co.) up at night?

What keeps this CIO (of a 2.8B+ co.) up at night?

On Thursday, January 25th, Axioned co-sponsored an insightful and thoroughly educational “Fireside Chat” with Infor’s CIO & SVP of Business Innovation, Shahriar Rafimayeri, at Infor’s Flatiron HQ.

Thursday, January 25th, Axioned co-sponsored an insightful and thoroughly educational “Fireside Chat” with Infor’s CIO & SVP of Business Innovation, Shahriar Rafimayeri, at Infor’s Flatiron HQ.

Shariar shared his personal thoughts and viewpoints on leadership and management, building trust within teams, emerging tech trends, technology best practices, and more. Below are some of the highlights…

What keeps Infor’s CIO up at night?

  1. Given the advancements in technology and digital transformation/disruption — and given fixed annual budgets with minimal increments — what “squeaky wheels” do we/Infor grease first?
  2. Cybersecurity: Our aim is to be a little bit safer than everyone else, but staying ahead of the herd is not easy; even teenagers can (and will) hack you!

Characteristics leaders should possess:

  1. Learn how to share and evangelize the vision.
  2. Connect your job and the jobs of others to the vision.
  3. Make the hard decisions, don’t avoid the problems, take on the tough meetings.
  4. Give context (aka the “why?”) when you need to say “no” or challenge a point-of-view.

Upset the Status Quo (for Growth):

As a leader, be open to upsetting the status quo. If your business is generating strong, consistent revenues, be prepared to pivot when marketplace factors indicate that in the long-run, those revenues might be disrupted and/or not sustainable.

Top 3 Priorities, Infor/2018:

  1. Meeting the increased demands of clients in the wake of Infor’s conversion to the cloud.
  2. Simplifying Infor’s product offering to help ease the customer journey and enhance the customer experience. (Infor currently has over 300 different product sets.)
  3. Being prepared for the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) launch in May.
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