Digital Transformation — Action, Test, Learn, Optimize, Repeat

Digital transformation

In case you missed Axioned’s December 2021 newsletter.

Digital Experiences

State of the Browser

4 takeaways from this year’s “State of the Browser”:

  1. There are actions we can/should take to support the sustainable web, especially in the shadow of COP26 2021.
  2. In supporting sustainable web goals you support a wider % of users worldwide — and vice-versa. “…we should consider the venerable Moto G4 to still be our baseline (testing device). The Moto E6 (~$150) does a stirring rendition…” (Alex Russell)
  3. User experience design (UX/UI) needs to consider today’s reality: new users start with tapping and swiping (mobile) *not* clicking and typing (desktop).
  4. With respect to mobile-browser usage & competition, the game is night & day different from desktop. And the Google vs. Apple vs. Facebook “wars” will continue to play out here also.

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Digital transformation
Don’t drug users: How sticky does it really need to be? What’s the impact: human, environmental? Read More, here.


Customer-Centric Digital Transformation

MIT’s Business Lab Podcast (listen, here) — with Kanarick, EY’s global chief transformation architect for consulting — highlights that it’s a fairly “now or never” situation with respect to digital transformation.

3 Highlights:

  1. You have another 2–3 years to really take your share of the (digital transformation) opportunity
  2. Digital transformation requires an enormous shift/focus towards customer centricity. New biz/mental model: “How do I make more of what the customer wants to buy?”. Prior biz/mental model:How do I get the consumer to buy more of what I’m selling?”.
  3. Test viability before “tripping down”. Develop confidence and momentum via “test and learn” + building out your “Innovation Muscle” (POC, MVP, v1, etc.).

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Axioned is excited to partner with our clients on their digital transformation journey. We support the design/build of POCs (Proof of Concepts), MVPs, v1s, etc. If you have an idea, contact us to explore how we could action it, or schedule a time to meet.

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Principles in Data Storytelling

Based on our experience to date, we’ve established the following 4 Principles with respect to creating compelling and actionable stories with data.

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