Innovation 🏃, SVGs , & interactive content experiences 🖼️… Axioned Newsletter vJuly2021


Bringing Recent News Closer to Home:

As active users of the products and platforms Big Tech aka GAFAM offers our team and clients, it’ll be interesting to watch how the conversation continues regarding the “break-up of big tech”.

No doubt it’s a challenge for regulators to keep up with the pace of technology innovation, and I’m sure many of you facing similar “keeping-up with innovation” related challenges. (If you are, let’s talk.)

Photo by Ross Findon on Unsplash

Interactive content experiences: The NYTimes continues to create admirable interactive content experiences; creatively combining pictures, video, text, and other media/content formats. For example: “The climate crisis haunts Chicago’s future”. The effect you see here is supported by CSS, Javascript & video files; an effect we/Axioned have worked on mimicking.

Further insights into the NYTimes’ decoupled & modular architecture can be found here and here on the NYTimes “Open” blog.

SVGs: SVG stands for “Scalable Vector Graphics”. SVGs are often adopted over JPGs & PNGs for icons, logos, illustrations, etc. to support infinitely responsive, scalable and speedier web experiences. More on the benefits, here.

If you’re wanting to explore the “how”, see here (authored recently by our COO Anurag Banerjee).

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Working, Together:

Certain Axionites & I recently met to talk about anger. Specifically, how do we choose to react to this emotion? “It is not about controlling your emotions, it is about controlling your reaction to your emotions.” (Yung Pueblo)

We also talked about the fact that in most (if not all) situations someone doesn’t set out to anger us with malicious intent. “Every human will frustrate, anger, annoy, madden and disappoint us…and we will (without any malice) do the same to them.” (Alain de Botton)

According to The Future Hunters, “We are entering “The Affectional Economy” propelled by the rapid rise of affective computing and machine-based emotional reasoning.” It therefore seems appropriate (if not urgent) that we get to “know thyself” (including our emotions) faster than the computers do ;-).

P.S. Please join me at the virtual/annual BCS SPA Software in Practice conference in September. I’ll be talking to the subject of: “Supporting the scale and growth of diverse & remote technology teams”. Details, here.

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