WWW (What’s Working Well) 🙌 , the Sustainable Web 🌐, and Door Knockers 🚪! Axioned Newsletter vAug2021


WWWs & EBIs: Keeping A Balanced Perspective

Question: Have you found it harder to keep a more balanced perspective of the WWWs* and EBIs** during these times?

*WWW = What’s Working Well or What Worked Well. Aka things adding value/helping.

**EBI = Even Better If. Aka things that need improving.

With respect to the work that we/Axioned do — and the team, partners, and clients we work with — I hope to ensure that I (and those I work with) find a more balanced perspective of the WWWs & EBIs going forward.

Question: What are the WWWs that you see in your work environment that could be “templated” and repeated more often or elsewhere?

WWWs & EBIs: Keep A Balanced View

Bringing Recent News Closer to Home

You may have read or heard about the IPCC’s “code red for humanity”? Maybe we should start packing our bags as per George Carlin’s advice (8MM views)?

In our industry/work, we have these resources: Pledges, Methodologies & Tools. And this was and still is a great read: Sustainable Web Design.

If you’re interested in the circular economy these are some great apps I’ve recently been introduced to in the UK: Olio, ToGoodToGo, and TrustedHousesitters. Do you have any “circ-econ” favorites you’d like to share?

Are you familiar with Nielsen’s 10 Usability Heuristics for interaction design? A member of our design team, recently brought my attention to “Nielsen’s 10” in response to“A door. A sign. And a lesson in UX/UI.”

From Nielsen: “In 2020, we updated this article, adding more explanation, examples, and related links. While we slightly refined the language of the definitions, the 10 heuristics themselves have remained relevant and unchanged since 1994. When something has remained true for 26 years, it will likely apply to future generations of user interfaces as well.”

Example of Usability Heuristic #3, source: https://www.nngroup.com/articles/ten-usability-heuristics

Working, Together

Coming back to my earlier note re: guiding myself and others towards a more balanced perspective of the WWWs and the EBIs...

Axioned started in 2006. (Albeit in a slightly different format, but that’s when the seed was planted.) That seed has grown into a tree. And that, and what we’ve done to make that happen, are the WWWs I/we need to focus on and replicate.

At Axioned we value and attend to more than just the technical skillsets required to get the work that we do, done. We have our current core values of: Respect, Teamwork, and Ownership. We also value resourcefulness, 2-way street thinking, diversity, adaptability and flexibility.

I feel passionate about these values; values I believe will adequately guide us in serving our team-mates and our clients, and support Axionites in their careers both in Axioned and beyond.


BCS SPA Software in Practice 2021 conference.

Please join me for an interactive session I’ll be hosting called: “Supporting the scale and growth of diverse & remote technology teams”. Timing: Thursday. September 16th. 17:30 BST / 12:30 EST / 22:00 IST.

Ada’s List 2021 conference.

Please join me for an interactive session I’ll be hosting called: “How can you make (xyz) happen?”. Timing: Saturday, October 9th (times, TBD).

Credits and Shout-outs 🙏

  • The Axioned team: for ALL our conversations around WWWs, EBIs, values, etc. And of course, for all the work that you do that gives me the confidence to say the above.
  • Caitlin Foley: for introducing me to WWWs and EBIs in 2020.
  • Chisara Nwabara/Chisara Nwabara: for our conversation on imposter syndrome! And ALL the “circ-econ” app references!
  • Madelyn Postman/Madelyn Postman: for our conversation re: the sustainable web.
  • Sarah Harper: for our conversation re: values.